So far, Employee Onboarding is one of the most critical touch-points between the company and its employees.

From start to finish, there are several steps to ensure that your new employee gets the best first impression pre & forth.

HR onboarding is not a one-and-done process. It should start from the offer of the job and continue into and far beyond their probationary period.

By placing extra focus on your employee onboarding strategy, you can ensure that your new hires feel empowered and motivated to start on the right foot.

Some of these steps include job opportunities, pre-employment materials, and their first-day schedule, and set up any resources they need to complete the work.

Employee onboarding is the process of introducing new employees into your business. It usually involves taking the necessary steps to ensure that the greenhorns are hailed into their new roles and have clear expectations about their role's responsibilities.


  • eDAS has designed a virtual HR onboarding solution that takes away the need for physical and documentation formalities while extending the flexibility of remote sites & onboarding as well.
  • With proper compliance in place and the flexibility of onboarding checklists-based interaction, you can onboard your talented hires online without any hiccups.


A facile platform to beat all the daily onboarding challenges.

Digitized approach for the recruiters to operate virtually.

You can keep your data organized and access it at your convenience.

Absolute no errors as your data will be digitized, ensuring accuracy.

Increase your reach with no geographical constraints.


Paperless Documentation
to Reduce Efforts and Give
Seamless Experience


A highly secured solution which uses OTP-based candidate authentication thus, ensuring data security and does not allow duplicate records.

Uses Paperless Documentation and skips the cost of maintaining physical records of the candidate data that may be tampered by external environmental conditions.

Stores and organizes candidate registration forms on the basis of form ID or offer ID to have easy access to the candidate profile and perform actions.

Multiple stakeholder can assess the candidates on his/her performance in the interview by rating them which will be updated in the solution.

View of the complete joining kit in PDF format, a copy of which will also be sent to employee, to verify the details and take action seamlessly.


The employee onboarding process is not just what it looks like on the first day but also ensuring that they complete the paperwork.

It also plays a vital role in protecting the company in many ways. Here are five reasons why employee onboarding is important:

Helps reduce turnover – You can prevent staff turnover by taking appropriate measures. Therefore, employers need to get hold of every opportunity to ensure the well-being of employees. And what better place to start than before their first day.

Makes the right first impression - The first impression is everything. Even before the offer is sent to the candidate’s email inbox through the correct onboarding process, there is a chance to make a first impression. This is also a good time to reflect on the company's culture and make it the forefront of your first impression.

Helps enrich company culture – Company culture is a factor when novices decide where they want to work. However, the company culture that stays on the surface of the "About Us" part of the organization will not allow new employees to stay long-term. It’s also important as a business that who you hire fits in well with the company culture.

Encourages connection between employees - By fostering connections, you can ensure overall productivity and engagement, allowing new employees to adapt to new roles more quickly.

Empowers new hires - An onboarding process that focuses on new employees and makes them comfortable can empower new team members and make them excited about their future. Every new employee brings the potential for achievement and success. Losing the vitality of new employees due to improper entry is a lost opportunity.





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Onboarding refers to all the involved processes of successfully integrating newly hired candidates in an organization.

It starts when the applicant is seen as a prospective employee and covers following stages:

  • Candidate Information
  • Accepting Declaration
  • Candidate Assessment
  • Candidate Registration
  • Offer Letter
  • Induction information & assessment

Traditional onboarding methods creates a slower and ineffective process which relies on documents having to be sent out mail or in person and employee information required to be manually input.

The main benefits of an online onboarding solution are a quicker, more effective and streamlined hiring process. It provides a paperless way of working by enabling documents and declaration to be signed digitally.

Employee can be rated by multiple stakeholders on a rating scale which is embedded in the solution and based on the ratings, decision can be taken for various rounds of interview.

Paperless documentation is method of adapting complete virtual candidate documentation where no physical copy is involved and the data uploaded by the candidate is stored online in database. It saves the costs associated with paper, physical storage and extra time required in manual documentation.

When a HR initiates registration of new candidate, basic candidate information is filled in the solution which generates form ID and the solution sends a mail to the candidate with a unique OTP which candidate uses for logging in to the solution securely and fill the required information with documents upload.