VAANI is equipped for all modes of communication, with these VAANI brings the right resources, insights, and processes together, so you can know more, improve faster, and automatically adapt throughout the business cycle.

Drive astounding communications with an easy to grasp technology to step-up your customer experience game. VAANI is the next-generation contact center solution that offers you 360 degree communication including telephone, voicebot, social media, email, IVR and a lot more.

Why Choose VAANI?

We are more than just technology, and having significant experience in developing solutions across multiple industries we are well positioned to support your organization.

We believe in fostering long term relations with our clients and constantly strive to give them best experience through our state of the art product.

Benefits that we Promise
you when you choose VAANI

Quick to start

Complete suite of solutions to empower contact center campaigns

No hardware required

No huge investment needed

Multiple dialers to choose from the suit to fulfill all your needs

Rapid scalability

Work from home model to work remotely

Completely customizable as per your requirements

99.95% uptime SLA with failover support


VAANI offers comprehensive solution supporting all businesses across industries. Our solution gives our customers the edge they need.

Quality Management System (QMS)

Optimize your work-force to increase the quality of your communication. Monitor your business interactions to ensure top-notch performance.

VAANI lets you –

All customizable multi-level IVR – SELF SERVICE

Break the barriers of limited IVR. Experience the freedom of choosing IVR support and levels of your choice and automate the agent joining time as per your convenience to offer a great customer experience.

VAANI lets you –

Stay up-to date with advanced analytics

Commit to your business with fully customized, easy to read informative reports and dashboards.

VAANI lets you –

Knowledge portal for your employees

This unique section consists of every relevant information required for your employees to improve their knowledge and solve all your customer queries. VAANI provides you – Article bank for all the information, Ever updating ever growing, search within the document. VAANI lets you connect with your customers using - Facebook.

Social Media Interactions

Embrace the modern mediums of communication to offer high-quality interactions. VAANI provides you seamless social media integration as per your requirement like WhatsApp, Instagram, Twitter, and other social media platforms.


VAANI enables its users to configure and schedule reports for their mailbox to make sure every data refresh reaches your mailbox and you are ready with your data at all times


All reporting matrices in VAANI are real time resulting in no lag between the data and the actual scenario at a point in time


VAANI Progressive Dialer is an automated dialing system that only connects agents to calls answered by a live person. VAANI Predictive allows you to make calls to identified lists of contacts in a predictable and efficient manner.


VAANI is capable of integrating with all major CRM solutions, and also equipped to form a one way or two way API Integrations to your internal non-CRM systems


VAANI supports role based user access segregating and aligning the screens one can access with their role in the company. VAANI has a role master and can record and update roles for all employees and provide access basis the same

FAQ & Training Materials

To make life simpler, with VAANI employee training becomes easy with FAQ & training materials for all products and services


VAANI uses call analytics to capture data and speech from calls further enabling you to draw conversation intelligence data to measure various KPI’s


VAANI focuses on business anytime anywhere and it achieves that with its mobility capability. VAANI can be made available on iOS and android basis requirements.


VAANI offers capability to ensure lead lifecycle can be carried out, starting from capturing to converting the lead.


Business anytime anywhere

VAANI is deployable on cloud as well as on premise, it is focused towards implementing an all in one software solution for businesses which emphasize on inbound/ outbound customer interaction. VAANI also supports all browsers on web as well as mobile and has presence over Android and IOS as well.

Work with Business intelligence

VAANI focuses on your business growth as much as you do and makes sure you get what you want. With intuitive reports and dashboards that are completely customizable per your requirements, you gain new insights every day.

Completely customizable to suit all your business needs and requirements

VAANI believes in creating custom solutions to act according to your contact centers. Also, we customize the entire product on the basis of your specific requirements. With VAANI you have the liberty to choose and specify your business inputs to generate desired output.


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A cloud contact center is a modern software platform that manages customer calls and interactions directly from the cloud. Agents use this software to provide customer service for inbound and outbound communications. Cloud Contact Centers make it possible for agents and customers to connect through multiple platforms such as mobile, desktop, email, in-app chat, video, and more. These Contact Centers allow agents to personalize a more tailored support experience, which better assists the customers.

VAANI is an Omni-channel dialer product and supports all channels such as voice, text, email, ivr, chat and more.

VAANI is open to all integrations and is capable of sending and receiving information with the help of API’s

VAANI is ever growing, and ever learning product. We strive to give our clients the best product and release regular features for our customers

VAANI prides themselves on security and reliability. They provide non-disruptive real-time updates with no maintenance windows, 27x7 NOC availability data centers, stringent administrative, physical, and technical safeguards are in place to ensure security and compliance.

Within the next five years, we will see more change in Contact Center's than the last 25 years combined. Artificial Intelligence (AI) and Machine Learning (ML) are rapidly changing the marketing, the way customer care is experienced and delivered.

VAANI wants to make sure to keep the human element alive in the support experience as they believe it is the "heart" of customer support.

With VAANI Contact Center solutions, you can unlock customer intelligence and insights that empower agents and organizations to deliver a more human experience.