We can bring change to the world

Let us collaborate to create technological innovations for customers



Eureka Digitisation & Automation services (eDAS) understands what businesses need to succeed and commits to helping partners in serving their customers in the best possible way.

All of our product groups rely on highly technical, experienced partners with great market presence. If you are a reseller or a system integrator with an appetite for growth and a passion for technology, you have come to the right place. Partner with eDAS Software to convert technological innovations in enterprise storage into purpose-built solutions for your customers.

Join our exclusive partner network to grow your business. Stand out with differentiated software-defined solutions and add value to your customers’ storage investments.

Customize your turnkey solutions and services with cutting-edge eDAS solutions to expand your customers’ possibilities with their existing CX & Sales outreach as they transition to newer technologies and software-defined digital transformation.

eDAS is a leading cloud communication service provider that offers reliability, agility & scalability through customized smart solutions. The ease of use interface and easy integration with leading CRMs aids in automating operations that suits every industry vertical.

We deliver technology-agnostic world-class solutions through collaboration of world’s leading system integration providers. Our tailor-made cloud-based voice, messaging, video and AI-enabled solutions ensures implementation of unified communication strategies.


Grow your business with new
project opportunities

Stand out in a competitive market
with differentiated offerings

Demonstrate ongoing value and
become a trusted advisor to your

Increase ROI of your customers
IT expenditures

Become agile in adapting to the
evolving technology needs of your
customers business


We understand you have a choice when selecting a technology partner, so here are five reasons we think you’ll be
completely satisfied when you partner with eDAS.

Depth of Experience

Our employees experience and depth of product knowledge required to build you the best solution possible. Our technical resources average 3-5 years of product experience.

Shorter time to go-live

Your implementation will be accelerated by our vast experience with existing clients, library of reusable code and well defined project plans, so you can achieve a faster enablement for your customer.

Training and Empowerment

Knowledge transfer starts on day one. That way your staff will have the skills and confidence to successfully maintain and enhance the functionality of your system when needed.

Your success is our success

We’ll do what ever it takes to ensure our partners and their customers are successful.

Flexibility and Scalability

You don’t want bloated or inexperienced teams. We deploy optimal teams, with far more aggregate experience than our competitors. We can scale up rapidly if needed to meet your more aggressive deliverables, but will also proactively flex our team down as your internal team ramps up. Not only are our man-day rate per resource low but even the total cost of ownership is one of the lowest.