Real Estate Industry

How does eDAS help the Real Estate industry?

With eDAS boost your business with all information in one place along with your clients feedback and improvements required

With eDAS, increase your online and offline sales through marketing activities linked to published business numbers that are consistent with multiple channels. Our Cloud-based AI voice & chat solution allowing you to boost your online and offline sales marketing campaigns by identifying leads and ensuring minimal lead loss due to missed calls.

With the use of RPA, automate manual tasks of making entry or updating records in one step

Sales & Lead Generation

Our customized sales solutions allow for seamless lead generation & sales closures that allow you to boost sales using a targeted approach.

Our contact center solution provides you with multiple ways to reach out to your customers ranging from voice, IVR, chat, mail, social media and broadcast. With seamless integration to all major CRM’s and complete support for all integrations you won’t have to worry about multiple customer database. You can have everything in one place and step up your sales closures

Workforce management

Our intelligent Quality management system helps you in capturing customer feedback and responses via audits that helps process re-engineering thereby reducing process gaps to enhance customer experiences.

Also it enables you to extract and share perspective insights, anticipate needs, Optimize processes and focus on the right analytical approach

Global Offerings

Our contact center solution provides a seamless customer experience across all social media channels such as Facebook, WhatsApp, and twitter.

At eDAS we believe in business anytime anywhere. Our products are available on cloud as well as on premise along with remote workforce management and mobile access.


At eDAS we believe in business anytime anywhere. Our products are available on cloud as well as on premise along with remote workforce management and mobile access.

VoiceBot/ChatBot gives you the potential of your remote workforce with the latest in Cloud Communication Technology to cater to your customers’ from anywhere anytime. Win customer trust & provide your customers with unparalleled customer experience through our speech and text analytics solutions.


We understand you have a choice when selecting a technology partner, so here are six reasons we think you’ll be
completely satisfied when you partner with eDAS.

Depth of Experience

We have years-long experienced employees with well-versed product knowledge that deliver exceptional solutions.

Shorter time to go-live

Our vast experience, a library of reusable codes, and streamlined project plans can help you achieve faster enablement of your customer.

Training and Empowerment

Knowledge transfer starts on day one that enables your team to acquire skills and confidence to successfully maintain and enhance the functionality of the system.


We have an experienced team that proactively flexes down as your internal team ramps up. We can deliver fully customized solutions with a quick deployment process.


We deploy optimal teams with far more aggregate experience than our competitors. We help you expand your business with our smart-tech solutions.

Your success is our success

We’ll do whatever it takes to ensure our partners and their customers are successful.