Travel Tourism & Hospitality Industry

How does eDAS help the Travel Tourism & Hospitality industry?

With the travel and hospitality industry in picture, eDAS focuses on agencies, travelers and travel companies and works towards simplifying their lives digitally.

Our array of software solutions employ technologies such as contact center solution, RPA, voice synthesis and more. Working towards streamlining customer success while tracking travel plans and itinerary and also offering a big boost to 24x7 customer experience across all channels.


At eDAS we believe in business anytime anywhere. And as travel industry is always on the move, your customers can contact you when they are travelling or when they are just boarding the flight through VAANI

Win customer trust & provide your customers with unparalleled customer experience through our speech and text analytics solutions.

Our contact center solution provides a seamless customer experience across all social media channels such as Facebook, WhatsApp, and Twitter.

Workforce management

Our intelligent Quality management system helps you in capturing customer feedback and responses via audits that helps process re-engineering thereby reducing process gaps to enhance customer experiences.

Also it enables you to extract and share perspective insights, anticipate needs, Optimize processes and focus on the right analytical approach

Business expansion

With eDAS, you get safe and secure way of on boarding new candidates through contactless and virtual process so that you can focus more on business without worrying about operations.

With eDAS, you have complete access to eKYC, digital signature, document drives and more which in turn helps with onboarding workforce in a hassle free way.

Customer Self Service

VAANI for self-service IVR - With VAANI IVR, you can choose how many levels of support you want to automate. VAANI enables you to – Setup multiple levels in IVR, Modify IVR as per your requirements, Use IVR to make process automated


We understand you have a choice when selecting a technology partner, so here are six reasons we think you’ll be
completely satisfied when you partner with eDAS.

Depth of Experience

We have years-long experienced employees with well-versed product knowledge that deliver exceptional solutions.

Shorter time to go-live

Our vast experience, a library of reusable codes, and streamlined project plans can help you achieve faster enablement of your customer.

Training and Empowerment

Knowledge transfer starts on day one that enables your team to acquire skills and confidence to successfully maintain and enhance the functionality of the system.


We have an experienced team that proactively flexes down as your internal team ramps up. We can deliver fully customized solutions with a quick deployment process.


We deploy optimal teams with far more aggregate experience than our competitors. We help you expand your business with our smart-tech solutions.

Your success is our success

We’ll do whatever it takes to ensure our partners and their customers are successful.