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eDAS is on a quest to help you digitally transform your businesses. With our host of cutting-edge digital products, We can help you transgress legacy systems, streamline operations, and completely reimagine workflows. Browse through our comprehensive suite of offerings to find out exactly what you need. 

VAANI- Omni-Channel Dialer Solution

Customers are at the core of any business. Offering niche experiences can therefore be key to fostering loyalty and encouraging advocacy. Equipped for all modes of communication, eDAS’s 360-degree contact center solution -VAANI brings the right resources, insights, and processes together, to help you step-up your customer experience.

Powered by intuitive technology, VAANI nurtures holistic interactions to help you adapt throughout the business cycle with agility and gain a competitive edge.

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Intelligent Knowledge Portal

eDAS’s Intelligent Knowledge Portal is a comprehensive platform which can be used to access a vast repository of knowledge to meet the fast-paced, individualistic, and flexible requirements of your organisation. Get a head-start on digitally transforming traditional methods of acquiring information. Reimagine development practices and customer engagement with our innovative Intelligent Knowledge Portal.

Quality Management System

In any business, every interaction presents an opportunity to strengthen the relationship with your customer. Our Quality Management platform enables your leadership team to continually assess business opportunities, train your team, and improve to deliver quality customer experience.

With a result-oriented approach and end-to-end quality observations your team can evaluate agent performance, determine the root cause of low performances and plan further actions to improve business KPIs.


RPA & BI for Data Analytics

Complexities arise when workflows involve tedious and error-prone manual intervention. Robotic Process Automation combine digitisation with data mining processes to mimic human tasks with ease. 

Supporting flexible interface integrations, our Robotic Process Automation software bots can run around the clock to perform tasks faster with 100% reliability and precision. These bots can scale automation for tactical and elaborate business processes and work across various legacy applications, combating age-old operational inefficiencies. 

AI BOTS: Chatbot, Voicebot, Emailbot & WhatsApp Bot

In a digital-first world, technology and people are inextricably linked. It is crucial to drive superior customer engagement when trying to build brand loyalty and spread advocacy. eDAS’s AI BOTS utilise advanced TTS (text-to-speech) & NLP technology to deliver humanised customer service, and automated service requests with ease.

AI BOTS can operate across multiple channels including voice, chat and email, ensuring a holistic approach to delivering customer experience.

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Intelligent Document Processing

Traditional data processing can be highly time and energy consuming. These methods are prone to errors and inaccuracies that can slow down business growth. Intelligent Document Processing uses Automation and to create digital workflows and streamline entire business processes. Advanced AI algorithms simplify data analytics to decipher critical insights from documents and extract information faster and more accurately, saving valuable time and resources.

FLEETRACK©: Field Employee Tracking System

FLEETRACK© is designed to automate the process of tracking and evaluating employees working status while they are performing their job in the field. The system, comprising of a software and an app, aims at enhancing the efficiency and accuracy of the process they are performing. In addition to this, the system provides valuable data that offers insights into time allocation, helping to identify any non-value-added activities and ultimately making the particular assignment faster. 


What Can We Help You With?

What Can We Help You With?