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Recognized as a leading SaaS startup, eDAS provides customer engagement and support solutions through customizable, agile products that facilitate personalized and impactful interactions. Aiming to establish a foothold in the global market, we prioritize expeditious and efficient task execution to achieve milestones.  

Our journey stands as a testament to the transformative power of determination, resilience, and innovation. Operations are streamlined and the customer experience enhanced through the systematic leverage of technology.  

We believe in true innovation

True innovation flourishes when we harness the unique strengths and perspectives that individuals from various walks of life bring to the table.

Product Innovation Hub

Offering employees the chance to be at the forefront of cutting-edge solutions, driving transformative changes in the digital landscape. 

Global Impact

Where your work contributes to reshaping IT landscapes for enterprises worldwide, making a tangible impact on millions of lives. 

Inclusive Culture

Diversity is more than a buzzword; it’s a commitment. We celebrate individuals from all walks of life, fostering an inclusive culture that fuels innovation. 

Proven Track Record

History of successful IT transformations and is trusted by a substantial and influential client base, providing a solid foundation for career growth and development. 

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Current Openings

Join eDAS, where we understand that by fostering an inclusive culture, we not only empower our workforce but also pave the way for transformative impact and lasting success.

Assistant Manager of Dialer Operations

Experience: 3 – 5 Years
Location: Thane 


Experience: 1 – 2 Years
Location: Thane 

Senior Manager Infosec

Experience: >5 Years
Location: Thane

Senior Database Developer

Experience: 3 – 4 Years
Location: Thane 

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