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Reengineering Banking Process With New-age Solutions

Any business is driven by its customers. The same is true for banking and finance organisations. Due to the constraints of traditional models, BFSI businesses are now looking towards digital transformation. Technology is serving as a gateway to a more customer-centric approach to wealth management. However, the immense opportunities for innovation have led to a more disruptive market. 

With eDAS, you can implement a wide variety of software solutions that ensure that you remain ahead of the competition. Using AI, RPA, and data analytics, you can streamline customer engagement, sales, marketing, and process optimisation, tailored to your organisation. Be it digitising the supply chain or introducing new payment models, eDAS has got your back!  


Robotic process automation can be used across multiple touchpoints in the banking sector including contact center operations, trade finance operations, customer onboarding, bank guarantee closures, bank reconciliation processes, loan application processing and automated report generation.

Banking and finance businesses are levied with strict compliance and regulations. Automation can help cut down on redundancy, errors, increase productivity and process efficiency, while maintaining the standard security needs.

Banks and financial institutions must take a digital-first approach to customer experience. By issuing cutting technology into business models, banking business can benefit heavily by enhancing process efficiency and improving ROI.

A CRM system provides complete management of customer interaction to enhance data analytics, operational processes and make comprehensive forecasts. eDAS’s custom CRM can be integrated into most platforms- helping you deliver excellent customer experience with ease. 

BFSI businesses can leverage technology to gain insight into customer behavior and come up with innovative solutions such as new payment models. The advances in technology have enabled finance organisations to simplify processes and optimise costs.

What Can We Help You With?

What Can We Help You With?