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The travel, tourism and hospitality sector is witnessing a boom in investment opportunities. Evolving landscapes, customer demand, growing purchasing power and technological developments are causing customers to reimagine how they experience travel. Multichannel reach, customer security and effective marketing initiatives can help your business attain a desirable top line.

eDAS strives to deliver innovation across touchpoints for all travel and tourism businesses. Our offerings cover the entire customer lifecycle, including comprehensive aid for itinerary tracking, reservations, bookings, and customer redressal. With comprehensive AI technology you can engage your customers around the clock- transcending time zones for customer support.

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Intelligent automation has a direct impact on the workforce, driving improvements in operational efficiency, workplace automation and a reduction in overhead costs.

Automation is an integral part of the travel and tourism industry, in terms of enhancing employee productivity by automating sales processes and real-time customer data tracking. 

Customer experience can be a differentiating factor for travel and hospitality businesses. By redefining loyalty, brand recall and the overall journey of the traveller, businesses can cut through growth barriers and scale benefits.

Tourism businesses use big data analytics to make data-driven decisions, predict market trends, maximize revenue streams, implement strategic pricing and enhance customer experience.

What Can We Help You With?

What Can We Help You With?