Intelligent Knowledge Portal

Easy-to-access Pool of Information to Deliver Exceptional Customer Experience

Customer experience is proving to be a differentiating factor for most businesses. However, addressing the wants and needs of your customer can require extensive access to resources and data. How can businesses make their customer experience nimble without compromising on quality?

eDAS’s Intelligent Knowledge Portal is a comprehensive platform which can be used to access a vast repository of knowledge to meet the fast-paced, individualistic, and flexible requirements of your organisation. Get a head-start on digitally transforming traditional methods of acquiring information. Reimagine development practices and customer engagement with our innovative Intelligent Knowledge Portal.

What You Get

What You Can


Knowledge Management refers to the process of gaining, storing and sharing
information within the various process in a business. Doing so can enhance
productivity and efficiency of the employees.

Through quick and easy access to information agents can address customer
queries and complaints at a faster pace. Reducing average handle times and
wait-times, an intelligent knowledge portal can help businesses deliver an
unparalleled customer experience.

With access to an extensive pool of information, employees can create
avenues for continuous self-improvement and learning.

What Can We Help You With?

What Can We Help You With?