Educate With Innovation

Educational institutions are re-evaluating how they gather, interpret, deliver, and distribute information. Educational technology is a significant player in the transformation of the industry. With AI and automation-driven learning tools, businesses are scaling educational efforts globally. Innovative evaluation methods and automated paper generation routines can help institutions combat redundancy and focus on high-value learning. Leveraging a personalized learning approach, educators can develop robust ed-tech platforms that can be utilized across diverse environments.

eDAS empowers educational organizations to operate seamlessly while meeting the requirements of both learners and stakeholders. We promote comprehensive e-learning by connecting the faculty, staff, and students through flexible channels. With eDAS’s digital approach, educational institutions can deliver quality, inclusive and comprehensive learning.


Technology-driven tools enhances student engagement, e-learning capabilities and helps institutions deliver high-quality education. Automation mitigates repetitive tasks to focus on meaningful interactions.

Collaboration and teamwork are hallmarks for delivering quality education. Digital transformation reimagines collection and distribution of information, enabling a multichannel flow across all stakeholders- learners, educators and organizations.

Education businesses use big data analytics to track student performance and predict areas of improvisation. This information can also provide insight into the strengths, weaknesses and interests of the students.

Students, teaching staff, and non-teaching staff can track their attendance details using RPA. It is also very easy to export attendance reports and to see details such as sick leaves, paid and unpaid leaves, and overtime worked by employees.

What Can We Help You With?

What Can We Help You With?