Consumer Goods

Manage Your Customer Lifecycle With Ease

The consumer goods industry is witnessing a flood of opportunities for expansion with the advent of digital media. Businesses aiming to maintain consumer relevance must adapt a progressive value creation approach. 

That is where eDAS steps in. With data-driven insights, advanced analytics, intelligent supply chain management and back office automation, our robust solutions are speeding up digital transformation for consumer goods businesses across multiple touchpoints. Our offerings equip businesses with in-depth sales reports, customer market insights and real-time data analytics that can be leveraged to plan comprehensive retail management, distribution delivery and successfully lead smart driven sales. 

Solutions Delivered


AI is enabling the consumer goods industry to forecast pricing, market trends and product innovation. Leverage advanced automation and deep-dive into the consumer market with eDAS.

Customer relevance and experience can be a differentiating factor in CPG businesses. With the help of multi-channel engagement, data-driven insights and personalised interactions, organisations can enhance sales and thrive in disruptive markets.

Supply chain refers to the steps included in all processes starting from manufacturing of the parts to the delivery of the whole. eDAS offers a range of digital products, solutions and services that can assist in complete supply chain management, ensuring quality at reduced overhead costs.

From execution to delivery- consumer goods business must re-evaluate the use of innovative technologies to remain relevant in the market. Through digital transformation businesses can achieve personalised product reinvention and create value for their brand.

Data tracking and analysis can provide vendors with a better understanding of customer behavior and help them predict trends. Leverage eDAS’s intelligent knowledge portal to provide quick, accurate and specific insights into customer data. 

What Can We Help You With?

What Can We Help You With?