AI BOTS: Voice, Chat & Email

Initiate Tireless Humanised Customer Support

In a digital-first world, technology and people are inextricably linked. It is crucial to drive superior customer engagement when trying to build brand loyalty and spread advocacy. eDAS’s AI BOTS utilise advanced TTS (text-to-speech) & NLP technology to deliver humanised customer service, and automated service requests with ease. 

AI BOTS can operate across multiple channels including voice, chat and email, ensuring a holistic approach to delivering customer experience.


Identifies key triggers & markers in the customer's speech to determine the most appropriate response. The solution then uses a Text-to-speech Engine (TTS) that helps convert the audio conversation to a text transcript. Interactive voice response systems allow customers to interact & navigate with the platform seamlessly.


End-to-end email automation tool that uses deep learning and neural networks to understand the context of large unstructured emails. It uses unique pattern recognition algorithms that detect customer intent and automatically respond to queries or support requests for help with little to no human interference.


Chatbots rely on TTS (text to speech) & NLP (Natural Language Processing) technology and are particularly useful for processing service request information, routing, and gathering customer information. With deep learning, the Chatbot produces high levels of accuracy and builds knowledge libraries. It can be integrated across multiple platforms including chat, website, WhatsApp and to deliver omni-channel virtual support.

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Delivering differentiated customer experience can be a challenge for most businesses. The ultimate solution is providing comprehensive support that meet the needs of your customers with immediacy and autonomy. Voicebot deploys advanced TTS and NLP to automate intent-based interactions and align to your agile customer experience needs.

Voice-based interactions create new opportunities for personalisation. With the help of voice recognition, the bot can recognise and authenticate the customer. Tap into the user information within a customer’s profile to tailor responses based on the previous records of their journey.

Two very important factors that contribute to the overall performance of a Chatbot are the structure and quality of the data that is available for addressing customer queries. Artificial intelligence algorithms and natural language processing help manage the complexities of interactions by conducting optimised searches and tailoring responses to customer intent.

Chatbots and emailbots complement each other by creating greater efficiencies in handling leads and inquiries. They work 24/7 and never call in sick. This allows businesses to engage with every contact and engage deeply through conversational marketing.

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What Can We Help You With?