Speak easy, engage deeper & deliver incomparable customer support 

eDAS Voice Bots leverage the power of Artificial Intelligence (AI) and Natural Language Processing (NLP) to transcend the limitations of legacy systems. Our Voice Bots engage in meaningful conversations, utilizing context and sentiment analysis to provide accurate and relevant responses. They address customers by name, reference past interactions, and tailor responses to their unique needs, fostering trust and building stronger relationships. 

Additionally, Voice Bots empower customers to resolve issues independently, increasing self-service containment and reducing call volumes and wait times. By deflecting calls to self-service channels and optimizing agent resources, they also reduce operational expenses. 

What do you get with our AI-powered Voicebot solution?

What can you do with our innovative Voicebot?

FAQs on Voicebot

  • Understands caller intent for natural conversations 
  • Empowers callers to resolve issues independently 
  • Continuously learns and tailors experiences 
  • Integrates with chatbots for seamless omnichannel support 
  • Ensures access to live help when needed 
  • Adapts to your specific industry and terminology 
  • Prioritizes data privacy and adheres to regulations 
  • Analyzes caller speech to understand their intent 
  • Walks callers through resolving issues or completing tasks 
  • Continuously improves through machine learning algorithms 
  • Connects callers to live agents for complex issues 
  • Allows intervention for critical situations or agent support 

Contact center voicebot is a virtual assistant designed for contact centers. It automates routine tasks, reduces wait times, and personalizes the customer experience. 

  • Provides a more natural and interactive experience than traditional IVR menus 
  • Handles inquiries anytime, improving customer satisfaction 
  • Assists customers in their preferred language 
  • Gathers valuable customer insights for business improvement 

What Can We Help You With?

What Can We Help You With?