eDAS serves a host of industries with cutting-edge technology and business process automation. We cater to diverse organisations and help them overcome their distinct business challenges.

Banking & Finance

Businesses in the BFSI sector must reimagine their workflows due to disruptive market trends. The need for digital transformation is growing as legacy systems are no longer able to meet growing customer and operational demands. With end-to-end assistance in automating transactions, ensuring regulatory compliance and providing real-time customer engagement, eDAS helps banking businesses manage their entire process lifecycles at optimal costs.



eDAS improves the efficiency of healthcare organisations by transforming how medical units identify, track, and administer patients’ health. By implementing innovative solutions, healthcare providers can streamline workflows and provide quality patient care.

Consumer Goods

Consumer goods businesses are experiencing a shift in their value chains. With the help of our agile offerings including in-depth data analytics, back-office automation and market insights, we help companies with comprehensive retail management, distribution, delivery and intelligent supply chain management. 


Media & Advertising

Our full-service offerings help media and advertisement companies deliver a personalised customer experience, reduce churn rates, and create successful brand recall. These offerings include in-depth analytics, actionable insights and real-time reporting that can help you spearhead innovative sales and marketing campaigns.


eDAS provides enterprise-wide transformation support to IT and ITES organisations. Data analytics, automation and omni-channel support ensure that operations are conducted seamlessly across touchpoints to enable supply-chain management, minimise threats and enhance customer experience.

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Automobile companies benefit from eDAS’s supply chain optimisation services. With the help of AI, process automation, and advanced contact center solutions, businesses can streamline customer engagement, track sales and increase omni-channel reach.

Travel, Tourism & Hospitality

The travel, tourism and hospitality sector is on the threshold of expanding opportunities. Delivering an excellent customer experience can be a key growth differentiator for this industry. eDAS helps you manage complete customer lifecycles through comprehensive aid for itinerary tracking, reservations, bookings, and customer redressal.



Ed-tech is significantly shaping the future of education. Leveraging a digital approach and data-driven tools, educational institutions can provide a comprehensive learning experience that is both inclusive and high-quality.

Real Estate

Data analytics is causing big waves in the real estate industry in terms of leading engagement, market forecasts and managing risks. Using customer feedback channels, cloud-based AI solutions and process automation, real estate businesses can scale productivity and fast-track their return on investment.



Automation and AI is revolutionising the entire product lifecycle journey, including transportation, inventory and warehouse management. eDAS helps businesses deploy effective solutions to lead quality and transparent logistics operations.

What Can We Help You With?

What Can We Help You With?