Quality Management System

Solidify Your Groundwork: Through Intelligent
Quality Management Practices

In any business, every interaction presents an opportunity to strengthen the relationship with your customer. Our Quality Management platform enables your leadership team to continually assess business opportunities, train your team, and improve to deliver quality customer experience.

With a result-oriented approach and end-to-end quality observations your team can evaluate agent performance, determine the root cause of low performances and plan further actions to improve business KPI’s.

eDAS’s Quality Management System provides you with a holistic view of the department’s performance. Integrated with an interactive dashboard and advanced BI reports, it empowers supervisors to make analytic and data-driven decisions and work on process non-conformance.

What You Get

What You Can


eDAS’s QMS can be availed as a standalone product or can be integrated with any dialer. Presently it is integrated with eDAS VAANI dialer.

Yes, QMS can function independent of any dialer integration.

eDAS’s Quality Management System offers a multiple of differentiated benefits:

  • Single interface for recordings and evaluation
  • Variant audits mechanism available
  • Enhances audit team productivity by automating reporting system
  • Advanced and automated reporting system
  • Interactive dashboard to give process insight
  • Easy to use and easy to maintain data
  • Can be integrated with any dialer

Audit forms can be made on the admin login portal.

At admin panel, admin can define process and can add multiple forms for the process.

Agent will get notification once he logins with his/ her User ID, he can see his audit feedback form available for his view.

Advanced and automated reports is available in Reports tab for download.

What Can We Help You With?

What Can We Help You With?