WhatsApp Bot

Initiate engaging conversations and accelerate customer service 

eDAS WhatsApp Bots are designed to simplify and streamline your customer interactions. They empower you to manage contracts, approvals, renewals and compliance tasks directly through the most preferred social media platform – WhatsApp.  

The user-friendly interface integrates seamlessly with your existing CRMs, while the secure platform ensures data privacy and document confidentiality. You can interact with the WhatsApp bot naturally, using familiar language and intuitive commands, to initiate processes, request updates, and receive critical information. 

Collaborate with colleagues and clients across the globe with real-time responsiveness and effortless document sharing. Experience enhanced efficiency by streamlining workflows and reducing administrative overhead. Access critical information and complete tasks anytime, anywhere.  

What do you get with our advanced WhatsApp bot solution?

What can you do with our WhatsApp bot?

FAQs on WhatsApp chatbot

eDAS prioritizes security. Our WhatsApp bot solution adheres to standard security protocols to protect your customer data during interactions. 

Contact us for specific pricing details on our WhatsApp Business solution. We offer different plans based on features and usage needs. 

We provide a user-friendly, pre-built chatbot within our WhatsApp Business solution. This chatbot can answer FAQs, send automated messages, and connect users to live agents for complex issues. 

Instead of individual chatbots, we at eDAS, provide a comprehensive WhatsApp Business solution. This WhatsApp bot solution includes a pre-built bot with functionalities like FAQs, automated messages, and live agent handoff. 

What Can We Help You With?

What Can We Help You With?