How does eDAS help the IT & ITes industry?

With eDAS, IT & ITes industry can have a single platform for up scaling their hardware and software products

Employ eDAS's easy-to-use and multiple dialing methods of VAANI to seamlessly manage multi-channel interactions. Our multi-channel platform allows convenience, hassle-free deployments, and easy interaction - enabling your customer experience and sales teams to provide in-depth analysis, real-time reporting, and flexibility through a unified platform. With the all-in-one communication platform, spontaneous reporting, and other functions, you can enable your team to work flexibly.

Apprehend Marketing ROI

Our unified multi-channel platform allows you to track campaign performance by linking Missed Call Solution, Virtual Business Numbers to your online and offline marketing campaigns.


Our Speech Analytics & synthesis solutions allows you to provide your customers with a secure & reliable journey customized as per your business needs. The solutions are complied with and adheres to the standard policies of the company.

Business expansion

With eDAS, you get safe and secure way of on boarding new candidates through contactless and virtual process so that you can focus more on business without worrying about operations.

With eDAS, you have complete access to eKYC, digital signature, document drives and more which in turn helps with onboarding workforce in a hassle free way.

Employee Trainings and up skill

Our online self-learning product, intelligent knowledge management system gives you the platform to cater to all of your skilled or unskilled workforces, with the flexibility to assign courses to different learners. You can save time and money, as the cost of trainers is reduced and investment in infrastructure is minimal.

With e-Learning, you can utilize and enhance your existing content. The content can be text, image, or video - and share it with your users seamlessly.

Sales and Lead management lifecycle

VAANI for Lead lifecycle and management - Our Omni-channel dialer solution is equipped with lead lifecycle to enable you to simplify the sales and lead generation process with Cloud Contact Center, with VAANI you can set reminder, callbacks and lead status during or after the calls in the dialer itself. VAANI enables you to send mails and messages during your customer interactions resulting in saving time to close on new sales

Our cloud based AI voice & chat solutions are easy to integrate offering an Omni channel environment for Banking, financial services, investments and collection agencies


We understand you have a choice when selecting a technology partner, so here are six reasons we think you’ll be
completely satisfied when you partner with eDAS.

Depth of Experience

We have years-long experienced employees with well-versed product knowledge that deliver exceptional solutions.

Shorter time to go-live

Our vast experience, a library of reusable codes, and streamlined project plans can help you achieve faster enablement of your customer.

Training and Empowerment

Knowledge transfer starts on day one that enables your team to acquire skills and confidence to successfully maintain and enhance the functionality of the system.


We have an experienced team that proactively flexes down as your internal team ramps up. We can deliver fully customized solutions with a quick deployment process.


We deploy optimal teams with far more aggregate experience than our competitors. We help you expand your business with our smart-tech solutions.

Your success is our success

We’ll do whatever it takes to ensure our partners and their customers are successful.