Need for Dialer Software for Outbound Call Centers

In today’s call center environment for any organization, time is money. It is essential that any organization utilizes its resources to get the best results possible. In the fast-paced modern call center, agents do not have time to look up a phone number, read information about a lead, and manually dial each digit.

It does not make any business sense for call center agents to spend precious time personally dialing calls with the possibility that many of those calls will go unanswered. With a predictive dialer, the call center agents can be productive and stay at their peak efficiency level.

The predictive dialer delivers an intelligent outbound dialing system that predicts agent availability, automatically calibrates the dialing rate, and connects agents to live prospects.

The system places calls to multiple numbers/leads at the same time, only routing to a live agent when a contact answers their phone. The dialer automatically decreases or increases the number of simultaneous calls based on the percent of dropped calls you want to maintain.

Incorporating this tool into the call center can help agents screen for busy signals, voicemail, no-answers, and disconnected numbers. By allowing the dialer to do the work any organization ensures its call center agents are able to spend their time connecting with customers.

Benefits of a Dialer Software

A predictive dialer software can improve any organization’s outbound call center efficiency in several ways.

Eliminate Repetitive Tasks

Without a predictive dialer, outbound call center agents spend ample amounts of time dialing phone numbers, leaving voicemails, and scheduling call-backs. The agents are normally required to do these tedious tasks multiple times a day.

A dialer software can help in automation to reduce this time-consuming repetition.With the elimination of repetitive tasks, agents are able to devote their time to pursue more active calls.

Increase Agent Efficiency

Utilizing a predictive dialer can help the call center agents increase their productivity and efficiency. Otherwise, these agents are prone to becoming tired and less efficient when they personally dial number after number without successfully reaching someone.

The enhanced efficiency can be accomplished when agents receive a steady flow of connected calls with little-to-no downtime. Having a predictive dialing system connect calls and direct each one to the correct agent can also help the agents increase their hourly talk time.

Manage Data Quality

Sorting and managing data can be a time-consuming task. A predictive dialer automatically records customer data, and saves it for reviews. It helps outbound call centers understand consumers, analyze campaigns, and review strategies.

Stronger and Smarter Lead Management

Predictive dialers that integrate lead management software organize lead data, sales data, customer history, and contact information in one place.

The solution captures all call activity directly into the CRM for stronger lead management. This can help marketers create KPIs for greater sales and marketing practices.

Accelerated Sales

A predictive dialer eliminates  guesswork and leads agents directly to customers who are most likely to purchase.

Features such as call logging, callback rules, call recording, and other automated processes save agents time and allow them to focus on pursuing the strongest leads and closing sales.

Stronger Customer Satisfaction

Predictive dialers can drive customer satisfaction. This is because customers are contacted at convenient times, and with products and services that might actually interest them. This can help increase customer loyalty.

Lower Operational Costs

Predictive dialers can reduce the operational costs of the call center. Fewer outbound calls need to be placed on the expensive voice channel, while fewer agents are needed to handle calls. With a predictive dialer, brands can engage effectively with the strongest leads while offering optimum customer service. 

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