Ways to Implement VAANI – The Customisable & Agile Contact Center Solution into Your Organisation

Customers look for a seamless experience across all channels for their queries. Per call center customer statistics, 91% of consumers reported poor customer service in 2021. Moreover, 88% of customers feel that the experience a company provides is as important as its product and services.  

In such a scenario, there’s an ultimate need to adopt sophisticated VAANI omnichannel dialer solution to meet the ever-changing customer demands. According to CFI Group, 76% of customers are calling on the phone when availing contact customer service.  


Importance of Implementing VAANI – The Trendsetting Contact Center Solution 


Implementing a customisable and agile contact center solution like VAANI in a company can be important for several reasons: 

Meeting customers’ changing needs 

VAANI dialer solution, which is a customisable and agile contact center solution allows companies to quickly adapt to changing customer needs and preferences. For example, if a new communication channel becomes popular among customers, such as social media or messaging apps, an agile contact center can quickly add support for those channels to better serve customers. 


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Improving customer experience 

VAANI call center software helps a company deliver a better customer experience by providing customers with the support they need when and where they need it. For example, VAANI inbound call center solution offers self-service options, such as chatbots or IVR, that allow customers to quickly get the information they need without waiting for an agent. This helps reduce customer frustration and improve their overall experience with the company. 

Enhancing agent productivity 

VAANI omnichannel contact center solution provides agents with the tools they need to be more productive and effective in their work. For example, VAANI dialer solution provides agents with access to customer data and history, enabling them to quickly resolve issues and provide personalised support. 

Optimising operations 

VAANI CCaaS solution helps a company optimise its operations by providing real-time data and analytics that allow the company to make data-driven decisions. For example, VAANI contact center solution provides insights into call volumes, wait times, and other metrics that can help a company allocate resources more effectively and improve the overall efficiency of the contact center. 


Steps to implement VAANI contact center solution in your organisation 

VAANI omnichannel contact center solution helps you track how many calls you send out, the results of them, and more details you can then use for sales. 

  • First you have to find a sophisticated call center as a service solution, like VAANI. 
  • Get that software and implement it into your organisation. This is usually done with the help of a third party that specializes in software integration. 
  • Then, test how it works, see if it provides all the information you want. Work out the issues. 
  • Then implement it across the entire organisation! 

However, here are the detailed steps that you need to follow: 

  1. Identify your business needs: Determine what you want to achieve with VAANI dialer solution. Do you want to improve customer experience, reduce costs, or increase efficiency? Defining your goals will help you to choose the right VAANI features and capabilities. 
  2. Choose a deployment model: Decide how you want to deploy VAANI omnichannel dialer solution. You can choose to deploy it on-premise, on a cloud-based infrastructure, or as a hybrid solution. Your choice will depend on your infrastructure and security requirements. 
  3. Configure VAANI: After choosing the deployment model, you can configure VAANI inbound call center solution according to your business needs. This involves setting up the channels through which customers can contact your business, defining the call routing strategy, and configuring the conversational flows. 
  4. Integrate VAANI call center as a service software solution with your existing systems: VAANI call center software needs to integrate with your existing systems to be effective. This includes integrating with your CRM, ticketing systems, and any other relevant systems. Integration enables VAANI contact center as a service software to access customer data, history, and other relevant information. 
  5. Train VAANI contact center solution: Train VAANI CCaaS solution to understand the nuances of your business and the industry you operate in. You can provide VAANI with training data, such as transcripts of previous customer interactions, to help it learn how to respond to customer queries. 
  6. Test VAANI, the best-in-class CCaaS solution: Test VAANI omnichannel dialer solution in a controlled environment before launching it. This helps you identify and fix any issues before your customers start using it.
  7. Launch VAANI omnichannel contact center solution: Once you are satisfied with VAANI call center software, you can launch it to your customers. Monitor its performance and continue to make improvements based on customer feedback. 

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Things to keep in mind while installing VAANI contact center solution to your organisation 

  • Data protection: You should set up your system to follow any data protection laws in your country. 
  • Set up a training program: You need to train employees on using this new software. Be sure to have a “FAQ” section in order to prevent future questions. 
  • Budget: You should calculate a rough estimate for the implementation process. Consider things like integration with your organisation, training, support, and more. 



VAANI contact center solution helps a company stay competitive by providing better customer experiences, improving agent productivity, and optimising operations. Contact center solutions are being developed to be more and more streamlined. With the inclusion of advanced AI and machine learning, contact center solutions will soon be able to predict the needs of customers, and be able to help them in better ways. They’re also being developed to understand the emotions and feelings of the customer, and therefore change the way the call centers help them. 

Additionally, contact center solutions will have a huge impact on the customer experience world, since they will be able to improve customer satisfaction and loyalty greatly. 

These are the general steps that can help you implement VAANI. However, the exact process may vary depending on the specific needs of your business and the features of the VAANI CCaaS solution that you choose. It’s always best to work with a VAANI implementation partner who can guide you through the process and ensure a successful implementation. 


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FAQs on VAANI Contact Center Solution 


1. How do you implement VAANI contact center solution? 

First, you want to research the different options for contact center software. Then, you want to implement it into your organisation. Once it’s implemented, test it out to make sure it works properly and according to your business needs. Then, you can start using it and see the results it provides. 

2. What are the different ways a customer can reach VAANI contact center solution? 

Call in to the center directly and talk to an actual person. Or email the center, and someone will respond as soon as possible. Or use a live chat feature, where they can talk to someone in real time. 

3. How to make a call center better with the help of VAANI contact center solution? 

Keep track of the number of calls that you receive, and the results of them. Have a clear system for how you want people to contact the center – for example, by phone, email, or live chat. Use a call center software that has advanced features, such as IVR or live chat.  


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