Whatsapp for Business – Everything There is to Know

Why Whatsapp for Business?
With Whatsapp being the most popular messaging app globally, the question arises how to engage customers over Whatsapp? Whatsapp is a platform that is usually used as a communicating medium amongst friends. But how can it attract customers to business?

Think Creative

Whatsapp is a medium where businesses can share multimedia — photos, videos or any related documents are shared directly over Whatsapp. Businesses can send its customers memes and gifs to attract them. Moving beyond a simple and informative text is something that the customers need.  Also, instead of calling or sending detailed texts businesses can always send them a voice note. 

Secured Text Messages

Whatsapp provides end-to-end encryption where businesses can send relevant information to its clients. This messenger provides a layer of security to detect spam and inappropriate messages. Whatsapp has made sure that business via Whatsapp is done without spamming customers. 

Communicate Directly

There are customers who are more active on the messengers. They check their Whatsapp more often than emails or text messages. Thus, communicating with them directly via this instant messaging app is of great help in building a trusted brand. Whatsapp one-to-one chat is more successful than robots chatting with your customers. 

Multilingual Conversation

Whatsapp is available in multiple languages. Thus, connecting with people across the border is made easy now.  There are users of Whatsapp hailing from 180 different countries. Businesses can customize and personalize messages as per their demand, currency or time. 

Cross-Channel User Engagement

Many marketers use cross-channel to engage their customers in the business. Cross-channels such as push notifications, SMS and e-mails are used to keep customers updated and engaged. With Whatsapp, businesses need not spam its customers with tons of notifications daily. Whatsapp allows businesses to send customers reminders, updates or receipts of their purchase. It is an all-in-one cross-channel experience for the users. 


How to use Whatsapp for Business?

Engagement of users over Whatsapp totally depends upon the type of business. But there are a few common messages that are the need of every business. 

Customer Support

Many times businesses receive queries and complaints on their webpage. They can capture these numbers and connect with them over Whatsapp. This way businesses can keep in constant touch with the customers or can send guides or voice messages to resolve their queries.


Customers might visit the business webpage, enter a few details and leave. This is when businesses can effectively leverage Whatsapp and send them daily reminders until they complete the process. 

Order Status

Before Whatsapp marketing was in trend, the purchase updates were sent via e-mails or notifications. However most people generally are more active in social messengers than e-mails. Thus, businesses should adapt sending updates over Whatsapp.

Abandon Cart

There are times when potential customers fill in the cart and then abandon it. They might be waiting for a sale or any other offer. Subsequently, the e-mail information of that sale might get missed but customers are unlikely to miss the same message on Whatsapp.

Hacks & Guides

This could be an effective way for a business to generate traffic to its website. Create interactive hacks and guides to attract people. A detailed guide about the brand on Whatsapp to its customers will likely make users click on the link.


E-mails for feedbacks tend to be ignored by the people. People however find it easier to click the link that businesses share over the Whatsapp to often give a more comprehensive feedback on the product or service.

Receipts & Invoices

Sending customers receipts over Whatsapp is a good practice. All of their receipts will be collected at one place, not scattered over the e-mails. Businesses can also send receipt as an image or can attach the link.

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