How Future Markets See Advanced Analytics for Growth and Development?

How do you find your target audience to sell your product or service? Once you get an answer to that question, a new one arises – What if your competitor targets the same audience? How are you supposed to stay ahead in the game?  That’s where advanced analytics can help!  Advanced Analytics Market report suggests […]

Importance of Automation in Revolutionising B2B Markets

B2B market has jumped on board with the rise in automation platforms. The time has gone when automation used to be the buzz of the town in relation with automating repetitive tasks. Not only does automation promise to make the services more competent and more efficient, but it also brings internet connectivity into every facet […]

Need for an Agile Inbound Call Center Software

An agile inbound call center software helps an organization streamline its day-to-day call center processes so that it can get the best out of its agents. The business can monitor and record the inbound calls. Doing so helps the businesses boost their QA, provide agents with planned scripts and allows the management with reporting features.

Need for Dialer Software for Outbound Call Centers

In today’s call center environment for any organization, time is money. It is essential that any organization utilizes its resources to get the best results possible. In the fast-paced modern call center, agents do not have time to look up a phone number, read information about a lead, and manually dial each digit.

How Does a Cloud-Based Call Center Work?

The concept of cloud-based call centers has evolved with the increasing usage of e-mails, chats, social media and texts by businesses to connect with their customers and deliver services. It is a web-accessible platform that can handle customer calls and interactions. Call centers based in the cloud can be accessed from virtually anywhere, eliminating the need for a physical infrastructure, that in turn reduces operational costs and increases scalability to support evolving customer experience strategies.

Whatsapp for Business – Everything There is to Know

With Whatsapp being the most popular messaging app globally, the question arises how to engage customers over Whatsapp? Whatsapp is a platform that is usually used as a communicating medium amongst friends. But how can it attract customers to business?

Level Up Your CX Game With Whatsapp Business API

With 2 billion monthly users, WhatsApp is arguably the most popular messaging (IM) app in the world. For most businesses today in the ultra-competitive environment, Whatsapp is becoming a convenient customer engagement tool.

How Whatsapp Benefits Customer Engagement in E-commerce

Whatsapp can be used by businesses as another channel for customer support. Whatsapp can be installed in multiple devices thus helping businesses to reach out to more customers. The different features of Whatsapp could also be helpful for businesses to enhance customer experience.

Knowledge Management in Contact Center

Contact centers are today the preferred and prevalent way for many organizations to communicate with their customers. Perhaps the greatest challenge of running a contact centre is to ensure that customers are provided with the right information in a timely fashion. Knowledge management has a number of practical tools and strategies to meet this challenge.

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